Karissa Hill

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Welcome to Zeniatec , a heterotopia where I, Karissa Hill, am able to play out the experiences that participants go through at Zenith. Zenith is a retreat where AEROBIA is performed. AEROBIA, designed by Geoffrey Pugen, is a component of Utopicsthe promise of total body perfection and self liberation. AEROBIA connects one to their inner animal and redefine a cohesive union.

As you follow my journey throughout the first stage of Utopics, keep in mind the motto of Zeniatec – “BE REAL, AND I AM POSSIBLE.”

3. Sezam! Azez:

6. Iszis:


7. True Love: 

This stage I have experienced in reality. The love between Summer and I is so complex and interlaced with experience and memory that it can’t be documented in one thing, it just has to be experienced. It is a personal interaction that can only be physical. And since Zeniatec is a heterotopia – a space of otherness, which is neither here nor there, and is simultaneously physical and mental – true love cannot be experienced.

Karissa Hill