Cat Elliott – 27 hours

        Did a girl write these? Do they know each other? why did they take time to do this? 

               Is this poetry? Can you hear the voice speaking? Is it a sad voice? 

         Do you care about reading these? Does this art make the world interesting?

              Will you listen? Are they on drugs? Are they in love? Is that the same thing? 




Cat Elliott – 27 hours

2 thoughts on “Cat Elliott – 27 hours

  1. Cat, I really enjoyed looking at your photographs. I found there was a good assortment of text. I like how they ranged from poetic, to thought provoking, and to random silliness (the cat). I also like how you took pictures in different settings. Kinda makes me wonder what bathrooms your going to, since I’m not used to seeing this much graffiti in public bathrooms. I’m assuming they were not taken on campus, but then again one says, “Smile Kid, U in Art School” – so maybe. I think the text you placed throughout the work helps the viewer flow through the photographs, as well as gives them ideas to think about. Overall, great job!


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