Carina Pagotto – BEING Me

BEING Me in the 20th Century


BEING Me in the 1910’s


I step into the shoes of Margaret King, the wife of William King and mother of a little boy named Joseph. Her eyes wander as the camera flashes and she waits patiently for her husband to come home from the raging war and hopes her son will soon see his father again. It is the lonely life of a solider’s wife.

BEING Me in the 1930’s


I introduce my role as the one and only Robert Davis. He leans against a car while taking a drag outside of a large advertising business on the streets of New York. The paperboy walks by shouting in the constant stream of traffic as Rob enjoys a cigarette before he goes back to the grind of being a business executive.

BEING Me in the 1950’s


Here is the lovely Marissa Johnson played by yours truly. She is an aspiring actress but makes her paychecks as a model while working as a waitress at a little dinner on the side. She poses for the camera as she feels the exhaust from the car along her leg and smells the ocean breeze from the waves beside her.

BEING Me in the 1970’s


I give you myself as Scott Marcus, a biker from the suburbs of a small city. He enjoys the breeze against his skin as he speeds along the winding roads of the countryside only a half hour outside the city. Scott watches the passing of a few cars on the quiet street of his childhood neighbourhood and waits outside for his tardy younger brother.

BEING Me in the 1990’s


I play the part of Emily Ross in this scene. She is a bored and rebellious teenager who sneaks out of the house and into her fathers car while stealing his cigarettes. She picks up a friend on a nearby street and stops to watch a movie at a drive-in theater on a late Saturday night without a care in the world.

Carina Pagotto – BEING Me

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