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Hit Parade (Zagreb)

Hit (Nuit Blan∇che)


Other version: Hit (Sounds Like)

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This is an alternate version of Hit Parade for the 2015 edition of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche in Toronto. Saturday October 3, sunset to sunrise. Part of the zone curated by Christine Shaw under the exhibition title: The Work of Wind.

Location: Queens Quay and Cooper St.


is a performance using microphones as percussive instruments to sound a space.
Performers hit various surfaces with the microphones, while invited artists mix the resulting sound into a live composition over an array of speakers.

The performance is raw and visceral. The violence of the gesture is contrasted by the fact that the performers are lying down.

Hit focuses on repetitive and persistent beats that entwine sound, space, and time through a logic of labour and endurance.

The rudimentary rendering can be heard as a lulling murmur or a grating noise; the volume will ebb and flow as the organic collective apparatus expends its energy.

The performers are like stubborn automatons seeking to transpierce the material they are hitting.

As sound factory workers, they leave their mark.

The sound they produce is heard acoustically, but is also amplified and transformed.

Hit is a live rhythm machine made up of arms armed with microphones used as hammers.

The collection of overlapping chaotic beats results in a resonating rumble that resembles the dull roar of urban activity.

Hit punctuates space and parcels up time. What if every moment of our lives was a hit?

Up to thirteen performers at a time lie face down where they proceed to pound various surfaces with a microphone. The sound of each person’s actions is amplified. For the most part each performer chooses their own rhythm and intensity. The sound is fed to a mixing console where a series of guest mixers manipulate the sound to an array of speakers.

Mixers: Mitchell Akiyama, Steve Bates, Chandra Bulucon, Allison Cameron, Martine H. Crispo, Fleshtone Aura, Jackie Gallant, Marla Hlady, Christof Migone, Don Pyle.

Performers: Randi Aiken, Donna Akrey, Jack Bride, Michelle Bunton, Ronnie Clarke, Amy Cunningham, Danièle Dennis, Sophie Dow, Natalie Duncan, Rah Eleh, Crystal Finn-Dunn, Ellen Furey, Ethan Hayden, Dorica Manuel, David Nichols, Nicole Nigro, Anna Norris, Robin Scott, Laura Snider, Swannjie, Hristia Trutiak, Colin Tucker, Selina Twum, Steph Wechsler, Christopher Willes.

Photographers: Marla Hlady (first 26), Christof Migone (last 8).


Hit Parade (Zagreb)


Home page: Hit Parade

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Presented as part of the Expanded Cinema section of the 25fps festival, Zagreb, Croatia, September 27.





and a thousand microphone beats.

Based on a score written specifically for the French Pavilion, performers lie face down inside and outside the Pavilion where they pound the ground with a microphone.

Each performer chooses their own rhythm and intensity. Every performer’s gesture goes to their own amplifier, and in turn each amplifier resonates with the space. Out of the Pavilion emerges the rhythmic mechanics of human motion that crudely produce sonic frames every time there is a hit. The performers are kinetic machines collectively constructing an immersive and filmless echo kino.

Performers: Inesa Antic, Viktoria Babic, Oleg Beric, Daria Blazevic, Sonja Durajlija Zinic, Kaya Erdinç, Sanja Grbin, Ana Horvat, Lana Jastrevski, Viktoria Krcelic, Ejla Kovacevic, Lucija Mandekic, Jesse McLean, Matej Merlic, Mateja Milic, Ilija Milosevic, Layla Munitic, Ivan Renic, Julian Ross, Arron Santry, Tomislav Soban, Tina Tisljar, Iva Tkalec, Ivan Turkalj, Erwin van’t Hart.

Photos: Tjasa Kalkan.

Flipper A(2007)

Home page: Flipper

Other versions: Flipper B, Flipper C.

An audio flipbook of 99 books starting with the letter ‘A’ (Paul D. Fleck Library and Archives of the Banff Center, November 2007).The recordings are left largely unaltered. The flipping action is miked closely in order to transpose physical materiality to the sonic realm. Each book’s weight, size, binding affects how a book will flip and consequently the recording.

How a book sounds. Sounding a book.

For the installation version of Flipper A, the audio is presented in the form of three tracks. In the first each flip is separated by a silence which increases each time by one second, starting with one second until the last two flips which are separated by 99 seconds. In the second, a reverse trajectory occurs, it begins with a silent gap of 99 seconds after the first flip and then decreases by one second each time until we reach one second between the last two flips. In the third, both of the above tracks run simultaneously and each is panned hard left and right. The duration of each track is 83 minutes.

Flipper A plus (83:00)
Flipper A minus (83:00)
Flipper A plus and minus pan (83:00)

A commission by the Centre for Art Tapes in Halifax.

Recorded by Don Pyle at the Banff Center. Thanks to the staff at the Paul D. Fleck Library and Archives.

Presentation history

Preliminary version presented at the Paul D. Fleck Library and Archives of the Banff Center, all day Thursday November 31, 2007. Diffusion on speakers placed inside the book return slot.

Presented at the echo Art Fair, at the Central Library at 1 Lafayette Square in Buffalo, New York, September 6-8, 2013. Diffusion on speakers placed inside the book return slot.

Presented at the Art Gallery of York University (AGYU), for their Audio Out Listening Post at the entrance of the AGYU, September 1-November 30, 2013. Diffusion on speaker placed at the entrance of the gallery, plus vinyl text of book titles and page count placed on glass at the entrance.

Presented alongside Millefeuille at The Bookcase, micro-museum and library project by Kirsty Robertson, Department of Visual Arts, Western University. September 16 – October 28, 2015.

A Flea In Her Ear / Aural Awareness / Against Interpretation / Auto-Da-Fé / Avant-Garde Music / A Voiceless Song / A Thousand Plateaus / About Looking / ABC’s of Type / A Painter of Darkness / Art and Culture / Arresting Images / All That Is Solid Melts Into Air / American Music in the Twentieth Century / Acoustics of Music / Art, Beauty, And Pornography / Artificial Knowing / Arguing Persuasively / American Pioneers: Ives to Cage and Beyond / A Map of Glass / Antonin Artaud: Selected Writings / Art and Nonart / Antipodes / Artist Body / Ask Me No Questions / Artists of the Dance / Audition / Awareness /Atmospheres / A Mad World, My Masters / Art and Answerability / Architecture a performing art / Antigone / Animate Illusions / Aesthetics / Animals and the Origins of Dance / Agam / A Dialectic of Centuries / Another Country / A Day Off /Among The Thugs / A History of Engraving & Etching / Aleph and other Stories / Animal Tracks of the Rockies / After Haggerty / All Amazed For Roy Kiyooka / Anthropology and the Museum / Arcana / Anthony Braxton / A Cry Of Players /Anthropology of Turquoise / Arabia Felix / Apaches: A History and Culture Portrait / Art BC: Masterworks from British Columbia / Across the River and into the Trees / Asmodée / Arms and the Man / Art of the Photogram / Architecture from Without / A Critical Sense / Amoral Thoughts About Morality / Agnes Martin: The Nineties and Beyond / Acting Out: Feminist Performances / Acting in Opera / About Vile / Allos: ‘Other‘ Language / American Indian Myths and Legends / A Planet Mostly Sea / Amsterdam / A Boundless Horizon / A Subject of Scandal and Concern / Alexandria Quartet / Alligator Report /Angels In Love / Angle of Repose / Anecdotes and Enigmas / A. R. Penck / An Anatomy of Musical Criticism / Ana Mendieta Earth Body / A Book of Colors / Analogical Problem Solving / American Neon / Agaguk / Act and the Actor / Art/Talk / Andy Warhold Prints / Arguments With The World / A Set of Suspicions / Artaud on Theater / Art and Visual Perception /Anthology of Musical Structure and Style / A Sense of Place / Atlas / Astral Projection / Aviation Weather / Art From Start To Finish / Angry Wind / Action Art / A Book of the Book /
90 + 154 + 304 + 464 + 216 + 95 + 610 + 198 + 128 + 271 + 278 + 374 + 383 + 400 + 242 + 239 + 210 + 342 + 240 + 371 + 661 + 175 + 132 + 475 + 204 + 320 + 187 + 167 + 75 + 100 + 332 + 176 + 71 + 412 + 614 + 192 + 78 + 178 + 100 + 96 + 317 + 485 + 286 + 159 + 92 + 158 + 382 + 379 + 70 + 150 + 322 + 81 + 453 + 232 + 308 + 219 + 84 + 111 + 203 + 185 + 198 + 119 + 406 + 90 + 106 + 437 + 527 + 62 + 338 + 62 + 47 + 884 + 125 + 85 + 510 + 64 + 127 + 114 + 286 + 127 + 151 + 72 + 327 + 214 + 301 + 303 + 232 + 64 + 210 + 508 + 552 + 158 + 387 + 242 + 299 + 234 + 24

Christof test

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