Madeline Solway

What is it about the online community that allows us to be the most real version of ourselves? Why is it that we are bolder when we can hide behind our computer and phone screens? In this technologically advanced day and age it seems as though society as a whole is moving backwards with regards to the realm of vulnerability. Online dating has morphed into easy to use apps that are as grotesque as they are instantly gratifying. Males are made fun of by their peers for being too caring towards the opposite sex, which has in turn allowed for the most disgusting invention of all – the fuckboy. People are spilling their secrets to complete strangers all over the Internet, falling in love, and making it work after having zero physical contact. This is all happening while people who have been dating for prolonged periods of time and see each other on a regular basis are too afraid to say, “I love you” in person. Those three words carry so much weight that we are terrified to speak them out loud but can use our fingers to type them.

I to am guilty of hiding behind a screen to express my feelings for fear of a lack of reciprocity. This brings me to my very own embarrassing and public display of my own failures. Here lies a sample of messages I have found throughout my text message history of instances where I have exchanged “i love yous” with another person instead of directly to them. Here lies my hypocrisy. I can tell my loved ones I love you through text, but giving the text life is too frightening to act out.




Madeline Solway

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