Anosha Khan –

400,000+ displaced
petrol station explosion killing at least 200 more people
destroying crops across in an area of 440,000 acres
the worst drought in 80 years 40,000 cubic feet of water reaching the river

promise of heaven
, production of hell

flames crossed over dozens of kilometres
 $12 billion in property damage         

900 or more injuries 


The word 'utopia', in the ancient Greek period = 'no place'... Looking at 
all of the catastrophes taking place globally, while living in the stresses of today's society can make it hard to believe in a place equated with 
such perfection. And although many like to be aware of political issues, or current events, taking a step back and being able to really get a visual 
sense of what is going on can bring you back to 
reality, if you were to snap out of it.
Promise of heaven, production of hell is a website I made, that provides a collective data on the major natural disasters that occurred around the
world in 2015, as well as a comparison with a more fixed human variable, by using data of homicide rates, primarily from the UNODC database and 
statistics research, gathered information from the most recent year 
The website is divided up into half,black and white, separating the "direct affect" we all have in global warming, and the effects that is causing,
being juxtaposed by the more direct, and intentional results caused through homicide. At the same time, they share the commonality of the hardships
that they bestow on their victims, and their families, until they are 
eventually reduced to numbers, in the more broader and pessimistic sense.
I changed the format of the font, to exaggerate words, or numbers that will grab attention. All of the data is divided into multiple subcategories 
depending the event in question. However mainly by continents, then 
breaking up further into categories for the disaster at play.

Anosha Khan –

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