Courtney Almeida


When I was a Kid:









DSCN0217  DSCN0219                                                                                                                                                                                                                  …I had fun.

I want to be a kid again.

Courtney Almeida

4 thoughts on “Courtney Almeida

  1. Chi Qin says:

    love the mix music. The image works fine with the audio.
    its like a research of childhood.
    different sound stand for different object.
    very representative and detailed.


  2. It’s amazing how you were able to find your childhood again! I like how you zoomed in and cropped the picture so it has us guessing what the objects in the photos are. I personally really enjoyed the use of music, as it really sucked you back into the time the songs debuted – which i think cohesively brought the theme together and helped you understand what it is that you were grasping at.


  3. the statements at the start and end of our page are short but gives the reader just enough information to fill in the blanks, so to speak! I thought to choice of close up images gave the toys an ambiguity that allowed to viewer to bring in their own experiences and connect on a more personal level! And the mash up of music added a nice tough into your minds sound track!


  4. Nice layout of images. Maybe good that there is no video. I like that the images suggest movement as they’re in video format but don’t actually move. I like the distortion of images too- like a kid running around with a camera. I do actually jump to childhood without the text so that isn’t really a problem for me. There might be a difference with a generation gap. again, cool formatting


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