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  1. There is a cool need to erase your history or digital footprint. Questioning if that footprint is even all that relevant as we make it out to be. Now that you’ve deleted it- who cares now? Moving on.


  2. Courtney Almeida says:

    Interesting twist to leave the page blank and have a video of you working on the site in the comments. Loved the out of the box thinking!


  3. I like your idea that you find everything related to you on the internet at first, and then you started to delete some you did not want anymore each day. Moreover, you share this process to us through the video that is a really visual way to understand.


  4. valvallejo says:

    I like your concept and that you decided to not include the video on the page.
    It takes a while to scroll all the way down


  5. The idea of removing yourself from your digital presence and still incorporating how people were interacting with you online, despite you ignoring them – is a really interesting idea. The blatant contrast is really evident within the WordPress page.


  6. I liked your idea. Very simple, but meaningful. Although like what others are saying, it does take a while to scroll down – not really efficient. What made you want to include a lot of blank space? Was it to replace all the items you had before, so that the length is equivalent?


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