Ghassan Yassine

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2001 Space Odyssey

The perception of utopia is related to an idea as to an upcoming world. The elite wanted to relate utopia with the creation of an imaginary world; which was at the end of the day impossible to get.

Michio Kaku

Ridiculing and isolating the imagination of the human is the best tool to maintain the status what. In the Past there have always been futurists able to imagine the future. According to Foucault, he wrote: 

The Panopticon is a marvelous machine which, whatever use one may wish to put it to, produces homogeneous effects of power. (Foucault)

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The Internet today could be one of what many futurist talked about it on the past. Marshall Mcluhan said:

The Medium is the Massage

This means that every form of media has some practice effect on human. Use the social media as an example. We find the social media to be comforting and pleasant but, truly this medium changes our perception on everything.

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Today the futurists see the utopia as is a vision of the new world, not the present. If there are no utopias in human culture there would be no progress, and they would still be nomads.

Ray Kurzweil

What is Cryonics?


Depending on the task, utopia can take eras to materialize. Also, the design may be essential to prevent any failure of system operation. When this occurs, there is usually a new utopia based on previous results to overcome the problems. We need to look seriously at utopias as we are co-creators of realism. Utopias are ideas for future alternatives that may be worse or better designed.

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I do not believe what will happen on 2045 and what the today futurists think. I believe that my utopia will be like this………..

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Today Digital Footprint is a collection of all the trace which the users do on any devices connected to the internet. These traces create a BIG DATA for every user about his/her interested and thought. But on Future will be LIKE THIS……

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This is my utopia, this is 2045.

Ghassan Yassine

4 thoughts on “Ghassan Yassine

  1. Interesting take on the future and upcoming technologies. I was most interested in cryogenics. I would have liked to see some of your own footage though the appropriation worked here, Ideas of surveillance, privacy, access, instantaneous stuff is all relevant here. C00l


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