Yara El Safi: I’m Okay Review

The exhibition I’m Okay at DNA Artspace includes small scale intricate drawings and painting of warped and snarled lands that appears to be swallowed up within itself. The title of the show, I’m Okay, is a common expression when asked the state of your well being, which is an interesting contrast to the exhibition pieces. Viewing the work, it was evident the artist is dealing with very real anxiety about the state of the environment, specifically sinkholes and the inadequate knowledge behind them. Jenna’s work though very dark and highlights a uncertain reality, the work has a essence of positivity and affirmation of optimism. Jenna’s use of text in her work is strangely figurative. The words animate the positivity and strangeness of sinkholes. The warped landscapes are colourful, playful and attractive, very referential to science book diagrams, and this asks the viewer to see a the reality of sinkholes as interactive, playful and positive.

Yara El Safi: I’m Okay Review

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