Fused/Division at The Arts Project- Sophie

This past Thursday we celebrated at the reception for my 4th year seminar exhibition at the Arts Project Gallery in downtown London. With the works of eleven different artists, it was rewarding to see the final result of a year’s worth of work that went into each very personal piece. As a whole, the projects were very different from each other, ranging from drawing, to textile, to sculpture, and painting but they all also fit into a more representational category of art-making which was a bit of a departure from a more conceptual experience over the last four years.  Fused/Division is a very pleasant show to experience, where one could sit back on a leather couch in Gosia Martiniak’s installation and read the graphic novel she illustrated, or contemplate the detail and hours that must have gone into Emily Copeland’s photo- realist “Stacks” drawings. Because everyone had one project to focus on for the whole year, students were free and driven to work on something they were thoroughly passionate about and enjoyed creating. It’s no question that a large portion of the success that accompanies Allie Kallifer’s work is her pure enjoyment and enthusiasm that goes into making each vibrant and colourful abstract expressionist painting. The show had an amazing turnout and it was a wonderful way to end my undergraduate career.

Fused/Division at The Arts Project- Sophie

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