Yao Bu



Lonely VS. Reality

who is the real?

who is lonely?


Silence and Noise

Lonely in a crowd.

The silence is the symbolism of what cannot be produced.

Silence is the utopia that one seeks in their minds but cannot have.

Relative rest and motion

Standing on Time Square:







The thing you can see is real or the movements are real?

The movements that you could recognized because they are reality in the world.

However, sometimes the photograph only record one moment of the movement.

Only one picture could show the still image of life, but if you combined over 1,000 pictures you will get a moving image of your realistic life.

What or where is utopia?

There is no absolute silence or noise society, and there is no absolute moving or still.

Utopia is a realistic place where locates in your unreal dream.

Yao Bu

4 thoughts on “Yao Bu

  1. Like that you’re getting at utopia being not really distinguishable from reality. I would fix up the text as I get a sense that you want to be a little more poetic- maybe format it into stanzas/poems as the text is already a bit obscure. Not sure about the questions you’re asking- do you know the answer to all of these? You seem to answer them and then ask other ones. Maybe a bit more clarity. Time lapse was really well done. The “lonely” thing comes through mostly there for me. You can’t tell who is super involved in reality or who really feels isolated in the video; we’re all nodes in some network. cool.


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