3 thoughts on “Xing Qian

  1. Courtney Almeida says:

    I remember playing the string game when I was younger, the video editing made it look so much more intriguing on a 3D level.


  2. I am not sure of the concept, since we didn’t get to your piece in class. However, the video of the string was very meditative and gave me a space to reflect on different perspectives. In comparison to the architecture photos beneath – it gave me an interesting connection between games and architecture and how ideas and forms can be exchanges and interlaced, even when we think they are not!


  3. I get connotations with layering and the game being maybe even a metaphor for something (internet? architecture?) Video editing was interesting. Something about multiples. You have three colours, two or more hands, etc. Copying and pasting? Manipulating something? Nice contrast between flexible string and other structures. Maybe something flexible and digital. Maybe throw some more text in there. c00l


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