doesn’t mean what other people think it means


      water                                                        sky                                           windows
sand                                          airports

           Lima                     Beijing           
passport                                                                     fireworks

buildings                                   Maple Ridge                                                  London
                     night-lights                                                         roads                                  

                               family                                                     friends













I was born very far away from where I am supposed to be, so I guess I am on my way home


2 thoughts on “‘Home’

  1. Courtney Almeida says:

    The audio and video fit perfectly with one another even though they are published though separate mediums. The passport depictions worked really well with what you were trying to express. Its interesting to see the whole project come together from our first conversations. Excellent job!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like that you included your different associations on “home”. Especially with water/passports. Nice contrast between what you can carry with you when moving and what you can’t (water, distance family) and would have to document as a result. First words at the top are nice but maybe a little generic (though if they mean something to you then that’s that)- I wouldn’t mind seeing more words or memories that are more your own and that not everyone can associate with, since it is your home after all. Again, contrast with video to passport is really nice. Something you long for vs something you require if you want to keep longing or stop that longing- nice dynamic


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