TaeYoung Hong- Touch

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Touch Light Touch
Touch Light Touch

I can’t even touch it. The thing is that everyone seems to have some sort of thought. Whether it is realistic or not, the mind seems to demand whatever it instinctively wants to feel or think. Hands are one of the thing that can act upon the thoughts. They do what the mind wants, to the extent of what is ‘actually possible’ or ‘realistic’.

TaeYoung Hong- Touch

7 thoughts on “TaeYoung Hong- Touch

  1. Chi Qin says:

    from all of your work in this semester, seems like you extremelly like jellyfish,sea, any reason?
    buy anyway, like the unique thoughs about utopia


  2. An emotional piece. I liked your – what others may have called it – ‘dystopia.’ It makes sense, and I agree with you to some level. I liked how you explained yourself through sound and pictures, then wrote your claim at the bottom. It tells a story, and by chronological order, it makes me come to agree with you.


  3. I liked your critical angle of utopia! Especially how you tried to make it tangible and relatable to the viewer through expression of touch! and a jelly fish is a great metaphor for your dystopic space of being isolated, floating, non-touchable, being!


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