Karissa Hill

zeniatec highlighter

Welcome to Zeniatec , a heterotopia where I, Karissa Hill, am able to play out the experiences that participants go through at Zenith. Zenith is a retreat where AEROBIA is performed. AEROBIA, designed by Geoffrey Pugen, is a component of Utopicsthe promise of total body perfection and self liberation. AEROBIA connects one to their inner animal and redefine a cohesive union.

As you follow my journey throughout the first stage of Utopics, keep in mind the motto of Zeniatec – “BE REAL, AND I AM POSSIBLE.”

3. Sezam! Azez:

6. Iszis:


7. True Love: 

This stage I have experienced in reality. The love between Summer and I is so complex and interlaced with experience and memory that it can’t be documented in one thing, it just has to be experienced. It is a personal interaction that can only be physical. And since Zeniatec is a heterotopia – a space of otherness, which is neither here nor there, and is simultaneously physical and mental – true love cannot be experienced.

Karissa Hill

5 thoughts on “Karissa Hill

  1. Chi Qin says:

    the second video looks like an fitness advertesment. The effect used in the video are really cool
    I also like the face video, (number 4) ,the background sound and visual look, works well together. very effective.


  2. This is craaay…these different phases all seem to relate to each other somehow. Firstly I’m not sure what to do about the description at the beginning- it doesn’t really explain to me what aerobia is. Though at the same time it’s so obscure and freaky. I still don’t know what it is. I think of split personalities and psychedelic stuff, associated with animals. This is some intense ritual going on. Encourages the viewer to read up on it. Hard to critique because of that but really easy to appreciate the research and it’s clear. I like how each phase is interpreted and you end up distorting yourself or merging yourself with yourself or your dog. Cool and freaky.


  3. Courtney Almeida says:

    I love your unique interpretation of this idea. The video’s were all very creative and intriguing. The second stage was my favourite, as I found the editing and camera angles very interesting.


  4. This was one of my favourites! Like Ronnie mentioned, I don’t have a solid idea of what aerobia is, but nonetheless, the time and research you put into this project amazes me. I like your interpretation of it, and it really does make someone intrigued more about it. I loved your editing, and with what Courtney said, the second video was sooooo cool! Those editing skillllsss…. It was so trippy, and the reflection of each other, and the layering component was awesome!!


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