4 thoughts on “Jaclyn White

  1. Acceleration was super effective. Allowed more of a glimpse and kept up with your audio. Really like the candid quality. Not posing for social media. People change when a camera is pointed in their face and I think you captured that really nicely. Nice to see original audio and the quality was keepin it 100. I think this is one of your strongest videos. Super cut3


  2. Courtney Almeida says:

    I liked the way you choose to edit the video, I thought it was very effective in capturing emotional intrigue.


  3. The sound track was very effect! you mentioned these are the moments captured on video that are the in-between moments that are overlooked; between when people are acting like who they want, or playing a roll, or putting on their best, so to speak! In the sound track you took the best moments of just playing around with some instruments and seeing how they would shine in a different ‘light’ – playing them backwards gave them a new life!


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