Daniel Mously – MXAITR


MXAITR alternates frames from the movie The Matrix. One set of frames plays the movie from beginning to end while the other is from the end to the beginning. Because the frames alternate, the video is played at half speed. I selected The Matrix because it is both utopic and dystopic. There are very few movies that exclusively feature a utopia. In a utopia, there would be no excitement or problem to solve, therefore it would not be suitable content for a film. As a result, films that begins as a utopia will inevitably come to a realization that not all is not well. Of all utopic/dystopic films, The Matrix was chosen specifically because of the presence of technology, computers and the internet knowing that the final video would remain in that space for the foreseeable future.

The movie The Matrix takes place in the future where humans interact in a computer system while being completely unaware of it. This setting corresponds to what I believe to be our utopia. The word utopia means no place and, with the same type of irony, the invention of the internet has created a place that is universally known but does not physically exist. The internet is a place of possibilities where anything can be created and be shared with others. However, much like the movie The Matrix, present-day society needs to become aware of the consequences of being absorbed by the online entity.

Systematic deconstruction of film is a way to skew people’s perception of the subject matter of the film. Films cater to what the audience enjoys and is interested in. Changing the structure of the films engages them but also tells a new narrative. The juxtaposition of the beginning and ending is not completely understood at first but the concept is what is key. It is a comparison of perceived reality versus reality. With the web being this utopia where anything can happen (i.e. fictitious relationships, virtual worlds, et cetera), it is important to make that difference.

Daniel Mously – MXAITR

4 thoughts on “Daniel Mously – MXAITR

  1. Think the matrix movie was a good choice of subject – covers all the same themes you are trying to convey (false/online reality/utopia vs real world)
    Why the decision to keep filler post? (this is where my awesome post will be) – it suggests something different than what you’re trying to convey with the video


  2. Superimposing/cutting/juxtaposition between end and beginning is great. You told us something we didn’t even really know we were watching. Watching two things at once, challenging perception in a really subtle way. c00l


  3. Can’t believe the level of intense editing you put into this – the explanation really went well with the video, but wasn’t completely necessary to appreciate what you were doing. Well executed.


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